Keeping the faith on a family tradition – ODT

Campaign for Wool New Zealand trustee Craig Smith in the Wool in Schools “woolshed” which has been travelling around schools.

Photo: Sally Rae. 

Tom O’Sullivan’s grandfather paid off his Canterbury farm with a single wool cheque during the wool boom in the early 1950s.

His father used to say that […]

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Wool Shed stops at school

By Ken Muir

Menzies College, in Wyndham, is the latest school to host The Wool Shed, a container of exhibits and information about wool

cand the importance of the fibre to the New Zealand economy.

”It’s important that we educate the new generation of schoolchildren about wool and the benefits it offers,” Menzies College teacher Sally Robertson […]

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New Zealand wool to be tested on NASA spacecraft

* From Newshub * 

New Zealand wool is set to make its way into deep space.

Auckland-based company Lanaco’s new wool has been used to make a breathable filter for astronauts.

CEO Nick Davenport told Newshub it has sparked the interest of NASA and is now being trialled for use in space.

“They tracked us down. There was an […]

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Learning where the wool goes

This article was posted on August 15 2018

More than 120 pupils from schools throughout South Otago are now clued up about what happens with wool once it leaves the farm gate.

The Woolshed has been at South Otago High School for the past two weeks.

Although it is called The Woolshed, it is actually a movable container […]

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Wool education takes out-of-box approach

This article was posted on June 26 2018

A wool promotion using modified shipping containers in schools is in hot demand.

The Wool Shed inspires students to be creative and curious about new uses for an abundant, natural and locally produced fibre.

Project manager Vicki Linstrom said kids are keen to learn about a biodegradable, sustainable product […]

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Stuff: Shed serves up lessons on value of wool

This article was posted on at 09:32, June 26 2017

No matter who is crowned champion at Wimbledon, New Zealand wool is a star performer on centre court every year.

Good crimp characteristics give wool more bounce than synthetic alternatives, making it the obvious choice to cover the 54,000 tennis balls used at the sport’s glamour event.

To […]

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Wool concept shoe by Emma Warren

Industrial designer Emma Warren was recently announced runner up of the National James Dyson Award. The James Dyson Award celebrates the next generation of design engineers’ innovative solutions to todays problems. Emma’s project investigates the challenge of simplifying the complex New Zealand woolen system along with forming a solution to the dying footwear industry. Her […]

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